To promote the FPD industrial vertical integration, enhance the global competitiveness, and upgrade the core competence of Taiwan information, electronic industries.


  1. Advocate the formation of technical R&D alliances among the up, mid, and down-stream manufacturers manufacturer to meet the new challenges of the display technologies.
  2. Devise means for industrial integration consolidating the strength of entire Taiwan display industry for industrial advancement.
  3. Accelerate the exchange of information (industrial & technical) among the local and foreign firms.
  4. Assist and participate in the establishment of product specifications & industrial standards and in activities concerning intellectual property rights, environmental protections...etc.
  5. Provide information on industrial trends and technical development.
  6. Consolidate Taiwan infrastructures for flat panel display development.
  7. Organize and participate in flat panel display development.
  8. Provide members with industrial information and social activities.
  9. Conduct research on flat panel display industrial development upon request by the government or private sector.
  10. Promote and implement items that complied with the TDMDA objectives and passed by the members.

Organization Chart

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Service Items

Technical Services

  1. Organize & sponsor professional, technical conferences
  2. Provide technical information
  3. Assist on technology acquisition


R & D Services

  1. Assist in the establishment of product specifications & industrial standards
  2. Devise means for integrated cooperation among up-, mid-, and down-stream
  3. Manufacturers in new product development
  4. Render assistance in the application for "Strategic New Product Development"

Projects and Industrial MOEA Projects

  1. Assist in technology acquisitions and implementations
  2. ‧Industrial Information & Market Survey Services
  3. Provide technical and market trend information.
  4. Organize & sponsor conferences on display technologies & market trends

TDMDA Web Information http://www.tdmda.org.tw

Industrial Information

  1. Real time industrial information (domestic & foreign)
  2. Market information (in collaboration with specified marketing firms)

Technical Information

  1. Technical article once a month
  2. Patent analysis once a week

Member Product Information & Web-site hyper link

  1. Activities: holding meetings, conferences and exhibition periodically
  2. Web-sites hyper link
  3. Articles sharing zone
  4. Government related laws and regulations
  5. Discussion zone

Current Status

  1. Devise means for cooperation among up-, mid-, and down- stream manufacturers
  2. Promote material accreditation and product testing/inspection standards
  3. Assist in technical collaboration and technical acquisition (foreign source)
  4. Advocate integrated R&D alliances for enhanced development of display materials, devices, and panels
  5. Establish technology & information exchange platform

Cultivate manpower


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